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One thousand times thankful. Or maybe just a few hundred

thankfulPosts like this are generally written on and around Thanksgiving and to be honest, that is when this post was started, but what better way to end the year than by reminding myself of all the good in my life. This year was difficult. Trying. Lesson providing. Most of all it still contain so much good.

In November, I was challenged to make a list of one thousand things I was thankful for. To remind myself that even in dark times there is light all around.  I took on this challenge and, although I did not make it to one thousand, here are a few hundred that I though of over a three day dark period. Nothing like a temporary separation to get one to focus on the good in life.

My hope for the New Year is the same hope I have every day. Nothing new. Nothing special. It is, after all, just another day. My hope is that I add onto this list and complete all one thousand items for I am surrounded by beauty every moment of my day.

My challenge for you is to do the same.


For a husband / best friend that supports me and my dreams regardless of our relationship. For Mark by any title is still my Mark

For finding a church filled with people that do not make me ashamed to be a Christian

For finding an apple tree in my front yard.

For finding carrots in my backyard

For my daughter’s purple eyes

For writing and the peace it gives me

For ferns. There is nothing better than a landscape full of a rainbow entirely made of shades of green.

For the sea. Enough said.

For my sunroom. Its light, its quiet.

For snowy evenings

For warm days that melt that fallen snow within hours

For my eldest, who I love watching discover his identity.

For my youngest son who has dance moves for every occasion and intellect that makes his parents fear for him

For my youngest, who has a will beyond this Earth.

For a job that brings meaning back to ones life.

For whisky that warms the stomach

For beaches…

but especially cold beaches. They are far more beautiful and less populated

For early mornings and late evenings when the world has slowed down and moves at a pace that is alined with my spirit

For foam flowers and hearts on my cappuccinos

For showers. Tiny, wet meditations

For love. The kind that feels like a warm blanket

For warm blankets.

For strangers who reach out with the single goal of comforting someone in need

For spontaneous travel

For friends who you can spend hours finding tiny seashells with on a beach

For friends you don’t see for months and fall right back into relationship with

For truth

For people who are direct

For my Moose. The cutest dog EVER

For Moses, the dog not the person, she is the sweetest best companion a girl could ask for

For Moses the man

For purpose

For finding great deals because I am cheap.

For kayaking

For finding dead fish and making a flag out if it. (weird, I know)

For friends that check in on you

For friends who don’t give up on you

For being saved from our inherent sin

For the taoist parable “The Farmer”

For sappy movies that make me cry

For horror films of all kinds

For people who have never used the #blessed

For decorating walls with art, not words

For the financial math class I hate but made me realize I should open a retirement account now because interests is awesome

For handwritten notes and cards

For wide open spaces

For the Dixie Chicks

For Brandi Carlyle (why oh why did I ever stop listening to you!)

For Iron and Wine

For concerts you sit at

For the little surprises you find left for you when you move homes

For being open to change

For blue skis

For sunflowers

For fields of lavender

For mossy rocks

For planned travel

For flannel sheets

For kids who still want to cuddle

For twelve-year-old boys who still hold your hand

For hot spots and electronics on road trips

For my youngest who calls her diary her “diarrhea”

For candles

For being read to

For ducks- they are by far the most superior animal

For Indian food

For Thai food

For movie theaters that actually serve food I want to eat

For tissues with lotion in them so my nose does not get red

For dresses. Why does anyone ever want to wear anything else?

Except pajamas. Pajamas are also a great option

For learning curves

For sailboats

For taking risks

For being still

For old love letters

For the hope of future love letters

For French music

For Jazz

For the knowledge that the end of something is always the start of something new

For beautiful handwriting

For handmade pottery

For forgiveness

For Viktor E. Frankyl,

For Kahlil Gibran,

For good men,

For sunsets

and sunrises,

For glass houses,

For honest conversations,

For coffee shops to work at,

For different perspectives,

For graduate school and next steps,

For Turkish towels,

For Polish pottery,

For hand painted tiles,

For handmade furniture,

For public gardens,

For bird baths,

For backyards that back to open space,

For outdated homes that you have no desire to change,

For contentment,

For peace,

For love,

For the moments when I get lost in my own thoughts,

For real scarves and not the silly infinity ones, Scarves should NOT be circles,

For long drives

and audiobooks,

For rain storms,

For thunder,

For lightning,

For the way my two dogs play constantly, even when I’m trying to sleep,

For dogs who jump up on the bed and settled themselves on top of my feet,

For TVs in the bedrooms- a joy I have just recently discovered,

For French pressed coffee in the morning

For hot tea in the evening,

For sunset walks with friends,

For daytime walks with daughters,

For not being able to sleep and staying up reading,

For dreams,

For inspiration,

For freshly clean houses,

For autumn leaves that fall onto green grass,

For tiny crocuses that break through the snow,

For the robins that, for the past five years, nested under our back porch,

For new neighbors,

For good skin care products,

For homemade clove and peppermint soap,

For people who fight for what they believe,

For voice typing,

For the copy and paste buttons,

For mental health professionals that save lives,

For dirt paths,

For cobblestone streets,

For vineyards,

For bluffs that overlook the sea,

For ferries,

For the special spots on the Earth where the mountains kiss the sea,

For bosses that constantly reach out to you and make sure you are OK when they know that life has been difficult,

For people who put themselves out there and take chances,

For people who write their own rules,

For forgiveness,

For shooting stars,

For nights so black that you can actually see the stars,

For the sound of wooden ships rocking in the wake,

For early morning freezes

and late morning thaws,

For the stillness of night.

For Amazon prime,

For apple cider,

For hot chocolate with peppermint flakes,

For moments of connection,

For lights strung in backyards,

For two feet meeting underneath a table,

For forehead kisses,

For shoulder kisses,

For memories,

For this sweet little face laying next to me, smiling,

For stupid elf-on-the-shelfs that my children love but I refuse to stage every night,

For Nutella,

For chocolate covered strawberries,

For cheese,

For limes because they pretty much are the cheese of fruits,

For tiny black dogs in sweaters,

For people who refuse to wear sweats in public,

For built-in storage,

For the innocent games of Truth or Dare that my children play and end up wearing each others clothes for a week,

For lantern festivals,

For lights reflecting off water,

For rolly polly bugs

For ladybugs,

For swimming in lakes,

For the days I work at Whole Foods in the winter and there is a jazz band practicing upstairs

For the children I get to work with every Sunday,

For the small groups I’m a part of,

For the life changing group of women mentors I have,

For the strength that I have been gifted that helps me move on every day,

For Skype,

For FaceTime,

For lazy days,

For soup,

For bed and breakfasts,

For sparkling water,

For giant stuffed animal tigers that scare me every time I walk by them,

For green bean casserole,

For flagstone patios,

For old fashion, wooden advent calendar,

For herb gardens,

For tomatoes fresh from the plant and still warm from the sun,

For the warmth of the sun on my skin

For picture windows

For campfires,

For throw pillows,

For heartfelt gifts,

For the meaning behind stories,

For orchards,

For berry farms,

For thick oil paintings,

For sea glass,

For Christmas lights,

For family traditions,

For new traditions,

For baseball,

For snow globes,

For summer days playing in creeks,

For all four kids playing together,

For electricity

For love stories

For garlands made of silver stars,

For garlands of cedar,

For decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving

For recipes passed down over generations,

For nontraditional families

For writing as therapy

For privacy

For kintsugi

For mudrooms

For aspirations

For baskets. I love baskets.

For men’s flannel shirts

For a roof over my head

For courage

For coconuts

For fresh papaya in the morning

For cozy sweaters

For emotional…


and physical support

For security.

For live music,

For first kisses,

For last kisses,

and for all the kisses in between.

For warm baths

For barefoot children in the middle of November

For Colorado

For the way I feel after a good haircut

For green chili and mashed potatoes

For bookshelves

and libraries

and bookstores

For connection

For solitude

For comfy leather couches

For internet

For feeling a baby kick inside of me for the first time

For the first time I saw each of my children

For FOOD. all food

For date nights

For happy crying

For potted flowers

For roosters made entirely of dried chili peppers

For the beauty of Indian clothing

For snowmen. Real and stuffed

For gas stoves

For wood stoves

For fried chicken and waffles

For French onion soup

For hugs

For the constant learning process of being vulnerable

For velvet chairs

For fried pickles

For stew on cold nights

For a well presented cocktail

For wine

For healing

For early morning walks through Pikes Place Market before it opens

For natural hot springs

For dinner parties

For fondu nights

For life

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