Introducing Katie Amann, Novel

Change is Good

Notice the new look?

The brand consistency?

The sleekness?

The new name?

As with most tasks I take on, I tend to jump in before testing the waters. I disregard the depth or temperature and think, “Yeah, thats a great idea. I’ll do it now.” Then, in hindsight, I see the error of my rush to completion and I stop, backtrack, and research until I find a vision. It was over the past month that I have focused on creating a brand that I like and  then building it. Buying up a few different urls, creating new Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, then somewhere finding time in the middle of my three week interim session of Behavioral Statistics (I must be crazy), to write about it all.

So, you ask, what have I learned in this period of time steeped in research and development?

Besides discovering that I do not qualify for an R&D tax credit (It was worth a try), I did learn that…

  • Being a well worded writer does not make myself a decent self-marketer and that my lack of brand consistency across mediums was detrimental.
  • That, associating my stories with my given name is a choice I do not have to make and that using a pen name provides privacy for my family.
  • A pen name is also an opportunity to intentionally market myself in a way that reflects my chosen genre.
  • That specialization in skill is important. Yes, I can copy-write, blog, narrate fiction and nonfiction, but how do I find an audience, one reader at a time, if I am not bringing the same readers back again and again. Being a generalist is great, but not when you are marketing yourself.
  • Finally, I learned that my computer’s search history is quickly becoming interesting and questionable due to the themes of my two current works-in-process.

Taking all of this into consideration I have found my consistency, my tagline, and my name. I am Katie Amann, fiction writer who draws from real life, intertwining truth with tale and dwelling in the middle of it all.

I dwell where life and narrative intersect…





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