It’s National Novel Writing Month!

The aim is to write an entire novel in the month of November and, although I know that this particular goal is out of my reach, I do aim to finish one short story every week of this month. That means I will be four stories closer to book number two being finished! So now, the only question is which stories will I write? Which parts of my past are at the surface attempting to escape through the pen? What events am I ready to share? I have a few ideas.

Here is a little tase of what is to come over the next two weeks. Every week I will update with progress and excerpts of the short stories. At the end of the month I will open the blog up to questions and comments.


Now go write your November novel…



The Fallout of Love

Week 1

Title: The Self is Plural 

The reality of fighting depression and suicidal ideation of your child.

Week 2

Title: Shamed to Death

The perminant consequences of an unhealthy relationship.




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