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How We Define Ourselves

Tonight, as I kissed the forehead of my sleeping five-year-old daughter, I sat beside her bed in the half-lit room and looked down at this beautiful person who traveled halfway around the world and gave me, ME,  the gift of parenting her. Suddenly it struck me how fragile it all is. How we can bring… Continue reading How We Define Ourselves

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The Self is Plural

As promised, here is an excerpt from short story #1: The Self is Plural There we were. Here. In a place we never thought we would be. The room we sat in was  cold and sparsely decorated with a few heavy, worn couches while the white cinderblock walls that surrounded us on all sides had… Continue reading The Self is Plural


The mornings are for writing.

  In attempt to become more intentional about finishing my books and promoting my writing I have outlined schedules and milestones that I consistently fail to meet. I find my days are packed with staff meetings, conferences, five hour round-trip drives to attend a single on-site class in Greeley Colorado, school assignments, family obligations and… Continue reading The mornings are for writing.